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Our Triton topical gel contains 50mg/mL of Triacetyl Adenosine. 

Triton is a topical Triacetyl Adenosine supplement. Adenosine is a naturally occurring compound used by every human cell as a means of regulating cellular energy. We use "triacetyl" adenosine for better absorption and enhanced bioavailability!

Use Triacetyl Adenosine to promote a more volumized and vascular appearance by providing enhanced cellular energy!*

FOR EXTERNAL USE ONLY - Harmful if swallowed.

 increase energy    powerful pumps    improve bloodflow    fat burning

Product Ingredients

Ethanol, Benzyl Alcohol, Glycerol, purified water, Adenosine-2,3,5,-triacetate,  Hydroxypropyl cellulose, Eucalyptus Globulus (Eucalyptus) Leaf Essential Oil, Mentha piperita (Peppermint) Leaf Essential Oil, Sodium acetate


*These statements have not been evaluated by the FDA. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease. 


WARNING: This product may contain chemicals knows to the state of California to cause cancer, birth defects or other reproductive harm. 
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