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I’ve been using Ursa Major for about 8 weeks. I noticed increased endurance within the first 2 weeks and by the 3rd week I lost .7% body fat. After I combined it with Stanogen my body fat dropped from 20.4 % to 16.7% and I gained lean muscle while my weight stayed the same. I’ll definitely be using it again soon.

William Autry

I have been using Epichaos-100 for a few years, on and off. Switching up for the transdermal version made by Apex made a BIG difference. I feel more vascular, better pumps, and fuller overall. Absorption is 10/10: skin is dry in about five minutes. Way to go, Apex!

Lucas A

I have been using AET-50 at 1ml every 12 hours for a few weeks and I really noticed a big improvement in libido, sleep, and fat loss. I decided to add this just after starting my bulk about a month ago and I am very impressed with the way it has stopped fat gain in it's tracks.



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