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What Makes an Apex Alchemy Product Special?


Most companies offering topical nutraceuticals build a one size fits all carrier used throughout their product lines.  While this does streamline the formulation process, in many cases, it can often lead to lower concentration products and the inconveniences that come along with these more dilute products: extra spraying, dabbing, measuring, slathering and longer drying times, often leaving the skin feeling either rough and dry or overly sticky/tacky.  Our highly concentrated formulations are a "serum" style carrier that delivers our active ingredients at less than half the volume per application. Those using smaller applications of our products may find themselves applying as little as 1/10th the volume of products they’re used to.

Our carrier starts with a highly concentrated co-solution custom tailored to the target ingredients of each product and offering the light skin feel of a serum.  As the co-solution is warmed by contact with your skin the evaporative components are quickly driven off and our penetration enhancing agents go to work.  Finally as the product is absorbed into the skin our emollients create a barrier and drive the active ingredient into the deepest layers of the skin in order to provide the maximum benefits of our unique and powerful extracts, metabolites and concentrates.

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Tetrahydro-Curcumin: The OTHER THC

Tetrahydro-Curcumin: The OTHER THC

Just in case you’re not already familiar with Curcumin here’s a brief review of some of the potential benefits shown by the numerous studies and experiments that have been conducted on this ‘little jack-of-all-trades.’  Anti-Inflammatory / Anti-Arthritis Curcumin has been shown to block the activation of the pro-inflammatory protein complex, NF-κB, which is released by your body in response to several different inflammatory stimuli [1]. Curcumin...

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