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May help with
  • Combating Stress
  • Restless Sleep
  • Workout Recovery
  • Reducing Cortisol
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AET-50 is a topical beta-Androstenetriol (b-AET) product.

b-AET is a natural metabolite produced by the human body which helps to lower your body's stress hormone (cortisol). Cortisol helps us wake up in the morning, but when it's too high at night it can lead to poor sleep. AET-50 may help with regulate stress, cortisol, sleep, and overall mood.

Apply 5-10 pumps per day of this fast drying gel to your arms, shoulders, or legs to combat the effects of stress, improve mood, and get a better night sleep!

This product comes packaged in a stylish and easy to use pump bottle in two different volume sizes: 30mL and 60mL. 

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